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Proud of T-motor pilots for winning the World drone race

Tmotorhobby / 2023-10-09

In the recently held FAI World Drone Racing Championship, sponsored pilots from T-Motor demonstrated extraordinary skills and abilities.


The competition was a highly anticipated event in the global drone racing community, bringing together top pilots and teams from around the world. In this intense competition, sponsored pilots from T-Motor showcased outstanding performances, standing out among many strong competitors with their exceptional skills and seamless coordination. In one of the most thrilling race events, T-Motor's pilots demonstrated extraordinary driving abilities and exceptional reaction speeds. With the powerful propulsion of T-Motor F60PROV-LV 2020KV and the stable control of MINI F7 MPU6000, they effortlessly maneuvered their aircraft through the challenging race course with high speeds and precise control. Their remarkable performances left the audience amazed and deeply impressed their fellow competitors.Among the top pilots, YoungGi Han emerged as the champion of the competition with his excellent skills and impeccable flying displays. His mastery of drone control and precise handling of the equipment were truly commendable. As a member of the T-Motor team, he represented the glory of the team and brought great reputation to the T-Motor brand.



"We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our pilots. It is the result of our team's relentless efforts over the years and our continuous pursuit of innovation and technological breakthroughs. Our goal has always been to provide the best flying equipment for pilots, helping them perform at their best level in competitions," said a spokesperson from T-Motor.

T-Motor's success is not only a personal honor for the pilots but also a reflection of the leading position of the global drone industry. As a leading manufacturer of drone equipment worldwide, T-Motor will continue to invest in research and development and innovation, providing pilots with even more outstanding products and making greater contributions to the development of drone racing.

In future competitions, we look forward to T-Motor continuing to showcase outstanding performances, bringing more surprises and excitement to the world.