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IMAC EuroCup

Tmotorhobby / 2023-09-20

IMAC EuroCup

The IMAC EuroCup is organized in collaboration with the German Model Aircraft Federation (DMFV). It consists of several open international competitions and is organized by IMAC teams from various countries within the IMAC Europe region.Pilots from anywhere in the world can participate, not just limited to IMAC Europe pilots.

This year's IMAC EuroCup will be divided into the following seven regional contests

The IMAC EuroCueans held in August 2023 is the IMAC European Championship, which takes place once every four years. It is also the largest-scale IMAC competition in the European region. This prestigious event brings together a total of 91 pilots from 16 different countries. 

T-MOTOR's sponsorship and participation in the competition have indeed made a significant impact. As one of the major sponsors of the event, T-MOTOR has provided support and resources to ensure the success of the competition

Sacha Cecconi(Italy, First place)

IMAC Europeans 2023 Freestyle First place

IMAC Europeans 2023 Unlimited First place

IMAC Europeans 2023 Second place (in team competition).

Matthias Schmidt(Germany

IMAC Europeans 2023Germany, First place (in team competition).

IMAC Europeans 2023 Unlimited:7th place

IMAC Europeans 2023 Freestyle :6th place


(From left to right:Timen Deprince、Sacha Cecconi、Matthias Schmidt)

Timen Deprince(Belgium

IMAC Europeans 2023 Unlimited :4th place

IMAC Europeans 2023 Freestyle: 12th place


Marco Pintér(Slovakia

IMAC Europeans Advanced :Second place

IMAC Europeans 2023 Freestyle :11th

Maciej Mazurek(Poland)

IMAC Europeans Advanced: 8th Place

Marco Doria(Italy)

IMAC Europeans 2023 5th place in Sportman categor

The IMAC European Championship showcased not only the highest level of IMAC in Europe but also attracted exceptional pilots from around the world.

In the intense competition, participants from different countries demonstrated their outstanding skills and courage. As one of the sponsors, T-MOTOR looks forward to more exciting aviation events in the future and eagerly welcomes more outstanding pilots to join the T-MOTOR family.

Little knowledge sharing

What is IMAC?


IMAC stands for International Miniature Aerobatic Club. It was initially a special interest group under the American Modelers Association (AMA) and has now evolved into a global organization that represents and organizes large-scale aerobatic flying competitions.


Scale aerobatics involves performing aerobatic maneuvers with radio-controlled scale models of full-scale aerobatic competition aircraft. While other disciplines in radio-controlled aviation also involve aerobatics, scale aerobatics specifically requires the models to be replicas of known types that have participated in International Aerobatic Club (IAC) competitions.


Competitors in IMAC are required to fly and compete according to established rules, performing a variety of specified maneuvers to showcase their skills and abilities. The competition combines technology, athleticism, and entertainment, attracting the attention of aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Similar to comprehensive competitions, pilots are divided into different categories, with the challenge level increasing gradually in each category.